It’s hard to envision Vic anywhere other than in front of a large computer monitor, except his work place where he is struggling with a 17 inches working now on dual display. His favorite color is pale blue, favorite scent is gold scotch and favorite sound is private. Asks lots of questions, answers few.

A (16) bit about Vic: He likes to eat. He heard that if he eats an European diet he will begin to lose weight, so he started eating French Fries and Pizza... He can't understand why the pounds aren't dropping off? His mom says he's just "big boned," and his son says his dad will always be his hero. Someday, Vic will live his dream on a Harley, out on the open road, a ZZ Top beard whipping around in the breeze, maybe some tattoos (no tramp stamps, of course), and the wind in his hair. And beautiful women love taking pictures of him... oh wait, that's the other way around.

In all seriousness, he's living the dream. he has got a great family and a job that pays the bills. He likes long walks on the beach, and he hates his ankles. Now, imagine a neutron star, spinning at 1,122 rotations per second. That’s the sort of energy Robert is having. Now imagine having Robert around after 5 pm. This is Vic's son!

Vic's favorite quote is: "I'm not a racist. I hate everyone equally." But maybe Oscar Wilde forgot to say that he especially hates Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga music. Actually, that's just Vic. But wait, Vic's not a hater but a lover!

Little known fact: Never watched LOST.

OK OK, but why this ...fishy theme for Christ sake? Oh well, Vic is Pisces. Did I say romantic?

Vic's Culture

  • 3% Eating shawarma at Yonge & St. Clair
  • 7% Playing water guns with his son
  • 10% Growing a "goat" beard
  • 20% Drinking Keiths (pitchers!)
  • 20% Bluffing at poker
  • 40% Wearing business shorts
  • 100% World Domination
  • 110% Walking his dog. Heck, he doesn't have a dog!

Contact Vic


Contact Vic only if:

  • You're rich and have no one to spend money with
  • Have some Web Developing books to cast off
  • You are the lucky winner of this week 6/49

No kidding now, my passions are web development and SEO. If you need a new website or somebody to help you boost your website in Google search through white hat SEO then we should talk :)

(If you forgot yours, don't worry! Just make up one!)

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